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Crackatax are here to take the pain out of your numbers and offer the following services:


Just started your businesses or are about to? Looking to bring in a qualified FCCA accountant to make sure you’ve covered everything off and want to understand more about what’s required of you as you start your new venture?  Whether you are looking for a self employment package or Ltd company package I can help you set everything up and register you with the various government departments according to your requirements.

Let Aly take care of your numbers from the beginning of your business journey.


These will usually go together and I’m here to take care of this for your business.  A Limited Company is a separate entity, and I never recommend that you try to go it alone and submit your own as there are some strict rules surrounding this kind of setup.  It can be advantageous to have your business operate under a Ltd Company though, and it’s not as scary as you think.  

Offload your Ltd Company accounts and corporation tax returns to a professional accountant. Contact Aly for more information. 


If you don’t want or need to go down the Ltd Company route, I can provide a service to prepare your accounts, either within the tax return itself, or I can produce a formal set of accounts to go alongside your return.  I can also help with partnership returns if required.

Talk to Aly about preparing your self-assessment accounts for you. Book a consultation today.


Need your personal tax returns completed?  Regardless of how many sections require completing or you’re not too sure what is needed I can help with this process. 

Book a consultation session to see how Aly can meet your requirements.


Looking for Payroll support alongside your Ltd Company accounts and Corporation Tax Return?  Or perhaps you are looking for a limited payroll service for self-employed businesses?  I’d love to hear more about your specific needs in this area to see if I can provide the exact service that you need.

Chat through your Payroll requirements with Aly and see how she can help. Call today. 


Confused over whether you should be VAT registered?  Not sure of the requirements or benefits?  Very small businesses making sales under £85,000 do not have to be VAT registered, but it may be tax efficient to voluntarily register, or you may be well established and likely to require compulsory registration.  I can help administer your VAT return and take care of that for you.

Chat with Aly find out more about support with VAT services. She’d love to hear from you.


Do you work in the construction industry and need to be registered with HMRC as a subcontractor?  Do you hire in other workers to assist you?  Does your business provide services in carpentry, decorating, or building work of any kind?  If yes it is your responsibility to be registered as a contractor.  I can help and advise you on all of this.

Get in touch to discuss the CIS registration with Aly and get it ticked off your list.


Do you have a pile of those awful brown envelopes stashed away that you keep meaning to deal with but you’re not entirely sure what to do with them?  I understand and have supported many businesses in a similar situation.  These things can be tackled and I’m here to help figure out a solution and get your numbers back on track.

Face those brown envelopes head on together with a qualified FCCA accountant. Get in touch to talk through your situation.


Can’t see the service you are looking for?  There are a variety of other additional accountancy solutions I offer for example, Capital Gains Tax calculations, property rental accounts & tax planning advice.  I’m here to help with ALL your accountancy needs whether big or small.

Get in touch to talk to Aly about your specific accountancy support requirements.

Not sure what package is right for you and your business just yet? 

Don’t worry with over 19 years' experience Aly will listen and advise.

If you’re looking for a qualified FCCA accountant who offers:

  • Reassurance that all your accounting needs will be taken care of

  • Fixed rate fees

  • A personable service

  • Value for money

You're in the right place

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