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Crackatax has over 100 clients and helps a whole host of varying creative businesses including artists, musicians, music teachers, artisans, designers, marketing consultants, studios and construction clients.

Here are what a few of them say about being a Crackatax customer.

Aly has been instrumental in helping us navigate the storm of uncertainty that is Brexit, and more recently, the current Coronavirus crisis.  She takes care of all our numbers and we’d be lost without her.  Thank you for helping keep our little ship running so smoothly Aly, and for playing one mean fiddle!

Tankus the Henge, Gonzo Rock Band

With a 99% retention rate Crackatax clients continue to be thrilled with the service they receive year after year.

Want to be added to this list? Contact Aly for a FREE consultation to discuss your accounting needs or see the types of services available.

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